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Ben Stiller, Comic Giant, at 5'7”

how to increase height, how to gain height, shoes that make you taller, ben stiller

Comedic genius Ben Stiller knows how to get away with just about anything, onscreen, even without shoes that make you look taller. After all, if you're 5'7” tall, and you can get away with portraying an international Supermodel, everybody notices the discrepancy, and doesn't care one bit. Paired with his buddy, Owen Wilson, who stands 5'10”, Stiller can make his lack of stature disappear by making you scream with laughter (and wearing elevator shoes).

ben stiller elevator shoes

In his breakout hit, There's Something About Mary, he was paired with the 5'9” actress Cameron Diaz, and made that difference work in his favor. Of course, there were some scenes in the movie where he sat on a taller seat than her, to distract the eye away from the height difference, and other scenes where she was barefoot and he was not. He made being the 'little guy' work, in a way that, perhaps, a taller man could not (like his costar Matt Dillon, who is 6'0”), and did not.

When filming Keeping the Faith with 5'10” costar Jenna Elfman, he explained that he got through the production with “shoe lifts and a sense of humor in bed”. If you're not as tall as your costar or companion, perhaps you can take a page from Mr. Stiller's book, and use a sense of humor to get past the difference in height. Add to that a great pair of shoes that make you taller, and you'll be ready for just about anything, including a photo op with an NBA star. In that case, make sure you take advantage of a good camera angle, a comic sight gag, and the fact that professional basketball players make just about everyone else look short.

Johnny Depp Stands Tall at 5'10”

how to increase height, how to gain height, shoes that make you taller, elevator shoes johnny deep, extra comfort elevator shoes

No matter which role Johnny Depp plays, you cannot take your eyes off of him when he's on screen. He has the charisma, acting talent, and good looks that bespeak a movie star. While he's not actually a giant at 5'10”, he's just enough above average in height that his height, itself, does not determine which footwear he chooses. In fact, for almost a decade, his Red Carpet appearances were notable, in that he wore a pair of scuffed combat boots! While all around him were sporting elegant footwear, he chose what felt best for him, and damn the consequences.

jonny deep elevator shoes

You, on the other hand, might want to take a bit more care with your footwear choices, if you are concerned with how to increase height. For one thing, match your shoes to your wardrobe. Nothing says superb if your look is coherent, if that's what the venue calls for. A clashing style may also be a part of the right look, if you're going for street grunge. The point is to choose what works best for your fashion strategy, and your desire to gain height. Whether you need a conservative look for work, or a flashy style for a night on the town, make sure that look is consistent with you.

Of course, you may not always have to hide the fact that you're wearing footwear that makes you look taller. A pair of 5 inch boots could be just the thing to complete your wardrobe, if you're dressing to impress, like a rock star. It all comes down to who you want to be, who will be seeing you, and how much you want to stand above the crowd. Take a tip from Johnny Depp – buy new shoes, if it's been 10 years since you last did so!

Bruno Mars: A Giant at 5'5”

how to increase height, how to gain height, shoes that make you taller, elevator shoes forum, bruno mars

A towering talent, Bruno Mars stands only 5'5” tall. That doesn't stop people from loving his work, attending his concerts, and buying the music he produces. That's because what he does is more important than how he looks standing next to actually towering Taylor Swift, who presented him with an MTV Video Music Award. Sure, he wore a hat, which added a bit to his stature, but it was nothing compared to Ms. Swift, who stands 5'10” in her bare feet, and was wearing the highest of heels. He, on the other hand, was wearing a pair of loafers.

Bruno (his nickname since he was a child, because of his resemblance to professional wrestler Bruno Sammartino) has become known as a fashion icon, despite not being a tall, lanky model. His trademark look of a leather jacket and Trilby hat defines his personal preferences. The ironic thing is that he's seldom seen in shoes that have much of a heel. Perhaps there are lifts inside, but he's not much for platform shoes, or boots that have a pronounced heel. When he's not wearing a hat, he does like to boost his hair up, whether it's an Italian Playboy style, or just shocked straight up from the crown of his head, which increases his apparent height.

For the truly short man, it isn't necessary to worry about how you measure up, stature-wise, if you carry yourself with confidence and a lot of style. The force of your personality and fashion sense will dominate how you are perceived. Of course, you can always add to your fashionista credentials by wearing discreet, elegant, elevator shoes that give you comfort, a lift in height, and superb looks. To sum up: look amazing, wear a hat (or boost your hair), and use footwear that will increase height. That's the way to do what Bruno does, and does very well.

Tom Cruise and His Elevator Shoes

how to increase height, how to gain height, shoes that make you taller, tom cruise

Tom Cruise knows how to gain height. One way is to stand next to people who are no taller than he is. Another is to unashamedly pair off with women who tower over him, and wear shoes with some lift. Most importantly, his height isn't the defining attribute of his appearance. His handsome good looks do that job, along with a healthy dose of confidence.

Like most celebrities, Mr. Cruise takes great care with his appearance. He doesn't always care if he looks shorter than those he is with. What he does care about is looking radiant, confident, and immaculately dressed. His image is one of the man who has it all: money, influence, power, and sex appeal. So what if he's only 5'7”? He has the 'moxie' to play the character of Jack Reacher, who, in the novels of the same name, is 6'4”. In fact, it's his charisma that draws attention, not his stature.

Take a page from his book. Do what you can to increase your own 'star power'. One characteristic of short people that looks ridiculous when a tall person assumes it is having 'fireproof' confidence. A tall man who behaved as if he was overconfident would draw the wrong kind of attention to himself. One who is less than towering in height can more easily become 10 feet tall in the eyes of others, if he can carry himself with that confidence that bespeaks genuine self assurance.

You can also do what Tom Cruise and other celebs who need to increase height, and invest in luxury elevator shoes that discreetly make you taller. Your confidence will be raised, along with your height, to a new level.

Kevin Hart's Elevator Shoes – or Not!

how to increase height, how to gain height, shoes that make you taller, elevator shoes forum, extra comfort elevator shoes

You might assume that a short man wouldn't dress in loud colors, or in a way that calls attention to his appearance. Not 5'4” Kevin Hart! His over-the-top take on life, along with a healthy dose of confidence, allows him to commit fashion faux pas that the ordinary short man would shy away from in a heartbeat. Depending on the occasion, Kevin will dress for excess, or just dress down, according to his mood. No matter the venue, he will wear whatever strikes him as right for the moment. If he wants to wear Cuban heels, he will. If he doesn't, he won't!

That's a tip for those men who lack stature, and want to know how to gain height: have massive confidence, and wear it like a champion. While a proper pair of elevator shoes will increase your height, your self-assurance will go a long way towards presenting your increased stature to the World. While a discreet lift to your height, via footwear, will get you most of the way there, a healthy dose of bravado will take you the rest of the way there.

You can be careful to wear a monochrome outfit, with height enhancing lines, or you can just ignore that technique and go for loud, clashing colors and horizontal stripes, if you carry yourself with an even larger dose of outgoing energy. Perhaps the best choice, if you don't want to spend your life acting over-the-top, is to use what works best most of the time, and surprise everyone, every once in a while, by being contrary to your discreet image. A flamboyant moment or two won't hurt you, and it certainly won't go unnoticed by those who see you. You'll stand taller in their eyes, even if your stature is less than towering.