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GuidoMaggi Luxury Elevator Shoes are made by hand in Italy. They represent the finest traditions of craftsmanship, styling, and comfort for you. Made from full grain Italian leather, suede, patent leather, shiny calfskin and other premium leathers, you get the benefits of both superb looks and a discreet lift to your stature. No one would suspect that such quality shoes are enhanced with 21st Century lift technology.

The owner and CEO of GuidoMaggi, Emanuele “Lele” Briganti, began this company with a simple premise: make elevator shoes that he, himself, would be willing to wear. Standing 5'9” in his stocking feet, he had experience with using 'lift shoes' to increase his height. Most of them fell apart after a few months, or the shoe inserts collapsed after a few days. He wanted something better than cheap, mass-produced shoes from some Who-Knows-Where-? sweatshop in Asia.

Thus began the creation of the most comfortable, fashionable, and discreet height increasing shoes he could deliver to a discerning clientèle. These shoes are not for everybody. They are premium quality and command a premium price. If you're looking for 'discount' lift shoes, you won't find them here (although there is an occasional sale, from time to time). Instead, here you'll find footwear for every wardrobe need: business dress, business casual, sneakers, boots, cutting edge fashion, and even bridegroom and tuxedo shoes for the most formal (and most important) occasions.

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  • Upper in full grain leather
  • Full soft leather lining
  • Upper leather, outsole and midsole are sewn at sight
  • Insole and midsole in genuine leather
  • Leather heel with special anti-slipping rubber
  • Cotton waxed shoe laces
  • Available with: Handcrafted leather outsole with special anti-slipping rubber or High quality rubber sole anti-slipping
  • Height increase: 2.4in(6cm), 2.75in(7cm), 3.1in(8cm) or 4 in(10cm) by request
  • Hand Made in Italy

Monday, November 30 -0001

Здравствуйте, Недавно купил пару ботинок, модель Ischia и решил поблагодарить Вас за шикарное качество и непревзойденный стиль. Я всегда знал, что итальянская обувь отличается высоким качеством, но в этом случае качество превзошло все мои ожидания. Спасибо Вам, Станислав, Москва

Monday, November 30 -0001

Le scarpe Guidomaggi rappresentano il top nel panorama italiano e non solo delle scarpe con rialzo. I materiali esclusivi, la qualità della manifattura, il comfort e, soprattutto il design, scavano un abisso invalicabile tra questi prodotti e quelli industriali da me acquistati in precedenza. Il servizio di customer care è di pari livello: semplicemente impeccabile. Vi segue, vi accompagna e vi consiglia, con risposte rapidissime, in tutte le fasi del pre e del post vendita. Mi auguro che Guidomaggi estenda in futuro la sua collezione, entrando anche nel settore delle scarpe casual , che attualmente non rappresenta. Un nuovo contentisismo cliente. A presto Francesco C. - Italia

Browse through the Collections and find the shoes you need for your wardrobe requirements. Then make your choices with confidence. GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes is committed to customer service that actually meets your needs. If you have special requirements regarding width or fit, you can feel free to contact us about your needs.

GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes – simply the finest elevator shoes you can buy.